Monday, 6 February 2017


 “Learning gives Creativity, Creativity leads to Thinking, Thinking provides Knowledge, Knowledge makes you Great”
By Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Let’s consider that our new civility is getting the education system that is not only the best in the world but also helpful to make them reliable and a kind of best in mankind, would not that be a fortuitous approach. The education system is boon for the society in nourishing its present and future by ensuring aim of the life.

Having a good education is key in life. Not only does it set you up for success in terms of a career but it also determines how you are perceived socially. A good education allows you to fit in with the higher educated crowds.

Needless to say, the Education is the basic field for the improvement in the development of a nation and growth of civilization in world wide. Without it our youth would have no guidance in this very difficult world. The emitting light for the future generation can be accomplished with a good education system. It is not worthy to debate that how a good education system can empower us.

A successful education system does not only deal with traditional curriculum based study pattern to get good results however to conquer new things for the overall growth of an individual. Quality and importance of the education is increasing day by day in the wold wide and it is mainly depending on the education system.

21st century, a decade of advancement, techs, globalization and the generation Z these are the characteristic’s allowing us to implement different approach in education system. Education system in the world wide is a platform for the youth folk to achieve the milestone. A humungous system must be threshold to focus on Social Progress Imperative .We do not need an Education system in which docents are medicated. The frame of reference must be that appealing that the address of the idea of pronounced experience, is operating at their peak.

Here is a list of countries that are always talked about whenever quality education is considered.


The South Korean education system has always been an ideal system for all the other developing as well as the developed nations. The country boasts a literacy rate of 99.2%. The Korean students have always outshone students from various other countries and it is due to the fact that their parents play a very vital role in the education of their children. The importance of education is instilled in the children from a very young age by their parents, and this becomes the motivating factor for the children.

Schooling in South Korea begins at the age of three and ends at eighteen. By the time a child turns eighteen, he/she has cleared all four levels of Korean education system:

Pre-school (age between 3-6),
Primary School (age between 6-12),
Middle School (age between 12-15) and
High School (age between 15-18).

Primary education in South Korea is FREE and COMPULSORY. The academic year is divided into two semesters-from March to august and December to February.


In Singapore, education is governed by the Ministry of Education, which looks after both-the government and private schools as well as colleges. All the schools across the country have a uniform syllabus. Earlier the teachers used to focus on curriculum teaching and exam preparation. But in the past years a shift from the traditional education system has been observed and now the teachers’ primary objective is to provide Quality teaching rather than quantity teaching. New methods to incorporate technology in the everyday teaching are being continuously evolved by the teachers to make the children understand the topics in a better way.

The students are enrolled in schools at the age of three and complete their schooling at the age of seventeen (on an average). The preschool lasts for about three years followed by six years of primary school and five years of secondary school. It is considered a criminal offense if the parents don’t enrol their children in school or if their children don’t keep up with the attendance policy of the institution, and the parents are punished in accordance with the law of the country.


The education model of Hong Kong underwent a major reform in 2009-10 and is still in the process of reforming. Education is divided into three different steps-kindergarten and nursery school, primary school and secondary school. Just like in Korea and Singapore, the children get enrolled in school at the age of three and graduate from the secondary school when they turn eighteen(On an average).Further, there is also a concept of adult education which gives an opportunity to the middle aged adults to get a tertiary degree from universities and private institutions.

From the past years, the emphasis has been shifted from the curriculum based teaching to the overall personal development of the children. Therefore, giving more importance to the moral ethics, physical fitness, civic service and hard work. Parents are very much interested   in their child’s education and can also complain to the authorities if the school is not giving enough homework.

The Indian education system is not the best education system in the world but is on its way to become one.  Colleges like IIT, IIM and many more are world widely recognised. But the majority of students are only concentrating in scoring marks and not in overall development. We have to understand that the passing the exam doorway is not only the criteria for good education system.

For best education
1) The system should focus on skill Education.
2) Reward for creativity
3) Use smart tech to teach

4) Showing the practical usage of teaching.

Ms. Divya Gaur, Ms. Garima Sharma & Mr. Nikhil Shakya

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