Monday, 6 March 2017

NANOTECHNOLOGY - Ready to waterproof any smartphone

In our present era, the use of mobile devices is at rage.We all are engaged in using our smartphones for our daily drive. From our notes to our project work, from entertainment to our fitness, we are extensively using mobiles. It has become indispensable for all of us.

But we all are aware of the fact that our smartphones and tablets are vulnerable to water damage.Many smartphone companies have introduced water resistant phones in the market but the question arises-“Is there any universal way for waterproofing our smartphone?”

So, the answer is ‘’YES’’ – A water proof hydrophobic coating has hit the market recently.

Nanotechnology is the science dealing with microscopic objects- maybe between 1000-50000 times smaller than the width of a hair.It can be used to cover the mobile devices with super-hydrophobic coating to the extent, which effectively make the surface extremely difficult to get wet. On the contrary it will repel the water.

What is a Super–Hydrophobic coating?

Hydrophobic treatment involves the separation of water and non-polar substances.Hydrophobic surfaces create a high contact angle, causing liquid to form sphere or droplets. So, super-hydrophobic surfaces literally becomeso repellent that it becomes very difficult to get wet.

Two companies-NANOSTATE which is a UK based company and IMPERVIOUS which is a US company have developed a range of these types of coatings.
Nanostate has produced the first DIY coating Flash flood designed specifically for mobiles.
It offers waterproof protection, while their other poduct Liquid Saphire provides scratch and water resistance.

But Impervious works for all mobile devices. Once treated externally, a mobile device becomes resistant to spills of any liquid and scratches. If treated internally too, the makers assure a mobile device will be waterproof to ipx-7-submersible from 1minute to 30 minutes.
Pricing varies between 2000 to 3000 INR depending on the type of coating we want for our device.

How to apply Nano – Coating?

Both Nanostate and Impervious involve a similar process.First you clean the phone thoroughly then spray and diligently rub every part of the device with the liquid. Leave to cure for upto 24 hours and a smartphone is then water resistant.

Do they work? 

Many practical tests were done on the smartphones coated with these coatings and the results were positive.They work well, protecting against splashes, spills and if we want our device to be more resistant to the salty water of sea or a party trick of pouring the glass of water on the phone- these DIY coatings work well for the purpose too.

Aman Kumar Gupta

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