Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Let’s Talk and Accept

Have you ever come across someone who looks amazing but doesn’t feel happy inside?. In today’s world, we focus a lot on physical health. Oh, my fitness routine shouldn’t get disturbed, my tresses shouldn’t look frizzy, god damn my skin should be glowing! And the world should appreciate every bit of it.

Now consider this, if you are not happy inside, the outside will never fall into place.

When it seems like everyone is living a picture-perfect life, admitting you're struggling feels like an utter failure. However, what we need to know is that achieving what the world appreciates is not going to give you happiness but it is the acceptance of what you are. As we experience life more, it is significant to understand the role of acceptance in our lives and how it can equip us with the best mental health.

Hence, what this world needs is not just a group hug but also the gift of communication. The more you express the more you will know about yourself and the easier it will be for you to accept who you are. The world will always judge you but it is you who can choose what to focus on. Think about the last time you really communicated with someone? Believe it or not, communication does have the magic of solving half of our problems. Here are a few examples:

  • Feeling negative – Communicate with someone you trust and spur it out. It will make you feel so much better!
  • Doubt your abilities – Talk to the ones who believes in you and you will feel rejuvenated.
  • Struggling – Just talk dear and it'll help you sort through your thoughts and clarify whatever is going on for you at the time. Once you've had to say it out loud, it gets easier to get hold of.
  • Find it hard to make a decision – well all you need to do is take opinions by way of communication and there you will have your decision!
  • Feeling happy – go ahead and share it. It will only get doubled..

In such a busy world, the importance of communication and acceptance has never been more meaningful.

As human beings, we are so bombarded by gossip, loud noise and messages about how we should be living our lives. It’s no wonder many of us become overwhelmed and get confused about what we really want to say to each other. So don’t be afraid of who you are and speak with authenticity, compassion, and mindfulness.

Ms. Shivani Mudgal

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