Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Dear future 

Dear Future me,

Hi I am the nineteen year old you and I hope you're still alive- if not, then I am sorry for not quitting those "bad" things. I don't know if you are ever going to read this or not but I just want you to know that I am , at least, trying to achieve that dream that didn't let us sleep for nights- I hope by the time this letter reaches you, it has already come true.

Before I begin writing anything, just tell me that I get married by twenty eight? If not, then there's something really wrong with you. I am just joking, you know that, don't you? I also hope that you have kept alive the great sarcasm and wit inside of you and if not, then why are you even alive?

Now let's just get to the point, shall we? Let's talk about our dream, our passion- the will to get published. I hope that our dream of becoming a writer comes true and it, still, is our top priority. If you're still not published then at least tell me you haven't given up just yet. Of course, if you are published then cheers!

Anyway, is The kite runner still our favorite book and more importantly, is Shahrukh Khan still alive? How many kids do you have and is the college gang still intact? I hope everything remains the same- but that's the thing with time, isn't it? Everything changes.

Don't let your heart break away if these things change because we know that time changes everything. I know that in the span of nineteen years my life has been pretty smooth and, god forbid, nothing bad has ever happened to me. But I know it won't be the case with you. You will see friends and family leave, maybe someone will break your heart or maybe you'll be the villain and break someone else's heart (please tell me that I'll look good when I am older). So, don't let these things affect you because time does something else too- it heals. Now, I am too young to tell you any of this but you know me- I like knowing everything.

What can I say more than to wish you to have a great life? I just hope whatever we do, wherever we are- we are happy. Follow my advice and be a great friend, be a great lover, be an even better writer and of course, be a good man. Many people have complimented us about our smile- keep that intact, as well.

So that would be all and I guess this pep-talk should work but even if it doesn't then remember- there are a lot of reasons to frown but not many to smile; just walk down the road and find the ones who once made you smile. Slap yourself if you've let them go (not hard) and find reasons to laugh again.

And yes, if you're happy like I am then go and continue sucking the marrow of life, like Robin Williams taught you to. Just be glad of your awfully flawless life and go write a story of how the nineteen year old you wrote a letter to you, in order to make you smile.

I'm sending this message with the time traveler and I hope it reaches you.

With love,
Nineteen year old you.

P.S. Is the technology advanced? I mean like they show in science fiction movies?

Mr. Ayush Tripathi 

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