Monday 10 April 2017

Digital Piracy

Digital piracy is attacking and robbing the data which is transformed into electronic format. It is the unethical theft and selling of copyrighted materials like music, video, computer software, etc to unauthorized sellers. In accordance to increased demand for pirated goods, people who are involved in digital piracy always get a good income that causes it to grow rapidly. They do not have to pay royalty to the original owners of the digital content. Moreover, most of the pirated products are very easy to be found as compared with the original one.

 1 June 1999 was the day on which Digital piracy was started by Shawn Fanning who was a student from North-Eastern University in Boston. He created anew peer to peer (P2P) software Napster which allows users to share or exchange files of any digital content with other users. Anyhow, Napster didn’t stay for a long time and in 2001 it was forced to be shut down as an order from Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), as Napster had influenced people to download files from internet without limitations. Regardless its shut, most people started to use other files sharing like Bit Torrent and Lime Wire.


To reduce the activities of digital piracy, Copyright law has been enacted with it. Fundamental cause of the law is to protect the rights of the owners such as author and artist of digital content from being pirated. As a result, if someone copies or downloads any type of digital content then they can be punished under Copyright Act 1987.

Who’s Guilty?

Many of us are guilty of piracy. If we have downloaded and shared games, movies, computer software etc, without paying or obtaining permission from the creator, then we are guilty of piracy.


Just like mushrooms gets spread in rain the same way digital piracy is being spread. The main motivator of digital piracy is that people are getting a lot of profit. But in contrast, it can make adverse impact on the owner of the digital content as their ideas and goods have been pirated. Moreover, we should also remember that this activity is illegal and people who practice it are punished whenever they are caught. So, it is advised not to get involved with digital piracy and always buy the original digital contents. Although it is costly but it will give a great amount of satisfaction of not doing any unethical and illegal activity and also will get original digital contents of high quality.

Deepanshu Ramani

Monday 6 March 2017

NANOTECHNOLOGY - Ready to waterproof any smartphone

In our present era, the use of mobile devices is at rage.We all are engaged in using our smartphones for our daily drive. From our notes to our project work, from entertainment to our fitness, we are extensively using mobiles. It has become indispensable for all of us.

But we all are aware of the fact that our smartphones and tablets are vulnerable to water damage.Many smartphone companies have introduced water resistant phones in the market but the question arises-“Is there any universal way for waterproofing our smartphone?”

So, the answer is ‘’YES’’ – A water proof hydrophobic coating has hit the market recently.

Nanotechnology is the science dealing with microscopic objects- maybe between 1000-50000 times smaller than the width of a hair.It can be used to cover the mobile devices with super-hydrophobic coating to the extent, which effectively make the surface extremely difficult to get wet. On the contrary it will repel the water.

What is a Super–Hydrophobic coating?

Hydrophobic treatment involves the separation of water and non-polar substances.Hydrophobic surfaces create a high contact angle, causing liquid to form sphere or droplets. So, super-hydrophobic surfaces literally becomeso repellent that it becomes very difficult to get wet.

Two companies-NANOSTATE which is a UK based company and IMPERVIOUS which is a US company have developed a range of these types of coatings.
Nanostate has produced the first DIY coating Flash flood designed specifically for mobiles.
It offers waterproof protection, while their other poduct Liquid Saphire provides scratch and water resistance.

But Impervious works for all mobile devices. Once treated externally, a mobile device becomes resistant to spills of any liquid and scratches. If treated internally too, the makers assure a mobile device will be waterproof to ipx-7-submersible from 1minute to 30 minutes.
Pricing varies between 2000 to 3000 INR depending on the type of coating we want for our device.

How to apply Nano – Coating?

Both Nanostate and Impervious involve a similar process.First you clean the phone thoroughly then spray and diligently rub every part of the device with the liquid. Leave to cure for upto 24 hours and a smartphone is then water resistant.

Do they work? 

Many practical tests were done on the smartphones coated with these coatings and the results were positive.They work well, protecting against splashes, spills and if we want our device to be more resistant to the salty water of sea or a party trick of pouring the glass of water on the phone- these DIY coatings work well for the purpose too.

Aman Kumar Gupta

Monday 6 February 2017


 “Learning gives Creativity, Creativity leads to Thinking, Thinking provides Knowledge, Knowledge makes you Great”
By Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Let’s consider that our new civility is getting the education system that is not only the best in the world but also helpful to make them reliable and a kind of best in mankind, would not that be a fortuitous approach. The education system is boon for the society in nourishing its present and future by ensuring aim of the life.

Having a good education is key in life. Not only does it set you up for success in terms of a career but it also determines how you are perceived socially. A good education allows you to fit in with the higher educated crowds.

Needless to say, the Education is the basic field for the improvement in the development of a nation and growth of civilization in world wide. Without it our youth would have no guidance in this very difficult world. The emitting light for the future generation can be accomplished with a good education system. It is not worthy to debate that how a good education system can empower us.

A successful education system does not only deal with traditional curriculum based study pattern to get good results however to conquer new things for the overall growth of an individual. Quality and importance of the education is increasing day by day in the wold wide and it is mainly depending on the education system.

21st century, a decade of advancement, techs, globalization and the generation Z these are the characteristic’s allowing us to implement different approach in education system. Education system in the world wide is a platform for the youth folk to achieve the milestone. A humungous system must be threshold to focus on Social Progress Imperative .We do not need an Education system in which docents are medicated. The frame of reference must be that appealing that the address of the idea of pronounced experience, is operating at their peak.

Here is a list of countries that are always talked about whenever quality education is considered.


The South Korean education system has always been an ideal system for all the other developing as well as the developed nations. The country boasts a literacy rate of 99.2%. The Korean students have always outshone students from various other countries and it is due to the fact that their parents play a very vital role in the education of their children. The importance of education is instilled in the children from a very young age by their parents, and this becomes the motivating factor for the children.

Schooling in South Korea begins at the age of three and ends at eighteen. By the time a child turns eighteen, he/she has cleared all four levels of Korean education system:

Pre-school (age between 3-6),
Primary School (age between 6-12),
Middle School (age between 12-15) and
High School (age between 15-18).

Primary education in South Korea is FREE and COMPULSORY. The academic year is divided into two semesters-from March to august and December to February.


In Singapore, education is governed by the Ministry of Education, which looks after both-the government and private schools as well as colleges. All the schools across the country have a uniform syllabus. Earlier the teachers used to focus on curriculum teaching and exam preparation. But in the past years a shift from the traditional education system has been observed and now the teachers’ primary objective is to provide Quality teaching rather than quantity teaching. New methods to incorporate technology in the everyday teaching are being continuously evolved by the teachers to make the children understand the topics in a better way.

The students are enrolled in schools at the age of three and complete their schooling at the age of seventeen (on an average). The preschool lasts for about three years followed by six years of primary school and five years of secondary school. It is considered a criminal offense if the parents don’t enrol their children in school or if their children don’t keep up with the attendance policy of the institution, and the parents are punished in accordance with the law of the country.


The education model of Hong Kong underwent a major reform in 2009-10 and is still in the process of reforming. Education is divided into three different steps-kindergarten and nursery school, primary school and secondary school. Just like in Korea and Singapore, the children get enrolled in school at the age of three and graduate from the secondary school when they turn eighteen(On an average).Further, there is also a concept of adult education which gives an opportunity to the middle aged adults to get a tertiary degree from universities and private institutions.

From the past years, the emphasis has been shifted from the curriculum based teaching to the overall personal development of the children. Therefore, giving more importance to the moral ethics, physical fitness, civic service and hard work. Parents are very much interested   in their child’s education and can also complain to the authorities if the school is not giving enough homework.

The Indian education system is not the best education system in the world but is on its way to become one.  Colleges like IIT, IIM and many more are world widely recognised. But the majority of students are only concentrating in scoring marks and not in overall development. We have to understand that the passing the exam doorway is not only the criteria for good education system.

For best education
1) The system should focus on skill Education.
2) Reward for creativity
3) Use smart tech to teach

4) Showing the practical usage of teaching.

Ms. Divya Gaur, Ms. Garima Sharma & Mr. Nikhil Shakya

Tuesday 31 January 2017

The Note

"Darla? See! Daddy got you a present."
"OH. MY. GOD. I Love you, Daddy. I'll wear this next time we go skiing."
"Honey, She already has three skiing suits."
"Your mom loves frowning at all things, I tell you."
"Hahahaha! Daddy, mom's going to kill both of us for this."
"Or worse, no dinner tonight for you two."
"Mom? Mom where are you? I'm home. And hungry."
"I made pancakes for little darla."
"Darlaaa? Darling, where are you? We're getting late. we should hit the road now. Make it fast, honey."
"Coming, dad."
"A hundred miles, a hundred miles,
A hundred miles, a hundred miles
You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles...."
"Honey, be careful."
"Lord, I'm one, Lord, I'm two,
Lord, I'm three, Lord, I'm four
Lord, I'm five hundred miles away from home....."
"Congratulations, madam. Your daughter's out of comma and fine. But she needs to rest for another one month."
"Mom, where's dad?"
"Honey, you need to rest."
"Mom? Mom? You there?"
"Mom, wake up? I'm hungry, Mom. Wake up. WAKE UP, Mom? Mom? MOM?"
"Hey, there! Little princess."
"NO! No. NO. No. Don't touch  me. Don't you dare come near me. Don't. Just don't."
"Honey, stop. Come out. Come out. I mean no harm."
"Noooooooo! Don't you get it! Get away. DON'T TOUCH ME....."
"Darl, babe, it's me. Ted. Let me help you. Please. Please come out? TRUST ME?"
"Darla?" a sudden call knocked me to my senses. After a good two-three minutes, wiping of the sweat beads from my forehead  I was relieved to see a face that reminded me of home and comfort. "Are  you okay? Do you.... do you still get those nightmares?" continued the voice. "Do you still have those voices, in your head, talking to you?" said the voice with all the seriousness he could sum together in this drunk state.
"No. I'm fine." is all I could come up with. "You need to sleep."
With that I saw his heavy eyelids  doze off to sleep, once again. A while later came the soft snoring. "God! he had to drink so much." I thought to myself.  "Tch. Tch. Tch. Tch." came the voice I've started to hate from a while. "But you're no one to comment, girl. You are the reason after all. You gave this to him. That poor lad's suffering 'cus of you. I gave you an option and you chose the wrong one." The voice continued. "And you're enjoying, aren't you?" I spat. "You've caused enough harm already. Now, stop this nuisance at once. I am done with your filthy pathetic games. I have lost enough. Not anymore." I managed to blurt out with all the courage I had in me. "Dearie. Dearie. Courage... is nice. Confidence... is superb but only, when you know what you're doing. And overconfidence... is bad. It's VERY VERY BAD. And darling, you don't know what you're doing. You and me? We've had the best times together. Remember? And this is where you belong, with me, on the dark side." Ignoring the voice I decided it will be best to simply leave the apartment for now. To avoid another fight. Or the awkwardness once he's awake and in his senses. Looking at him now, like this, breaks something inside. He said eyes are the window to ones soul and now I know.
I know, I put him in this situation but I need him back. The only good thing that has happened since.... I guess I'll simply leave a note. I, at least, owe an apology to the man who helped me deal with my demons and was always by my side during my dark times. I can try for one last time. 
It's been three months and I did make every effort to keep myself away from you, as per your request, until last night. Because what I saw, broke me. I knew I was the reason for all this. And I am sorry. From deep within, I am. And I know, I know sorry won't fix this but in your senses, you won't let me come near you and let me fix this for you. Just the way you did for me. Because you've got me inside you now. My demons. My ways. And my tactics. Pretense. Self-destruction. Sadism. And I know not what to do anymore. You fixed my broken soul, but what do I do to fix yours? It hurts to see you hurt yourself this way. And were you not always the one to stop me from drinking and cut myself? So, why'd you do this to yourself and how?
Last night, you kept calling my name out, same as you used to, but I know not if it would be the same once you're up and sober. I know this journey hasn't been easy. And more than anything, I've always brought you pain which you're never supposed to feel or go through.
Before, after and in between my demons, your angels, my anger, your pain, my ego, your self-respect, my decisions, your opinions, my naivety, your maturity, there was one thing constant- our love. It kept us going. It helped us to get through from every mess we got ourselves into. And there's no denying the fact that it still exists. At least now, I know. I don't know if you will remember what happened last night and not that i really want you to.... but I know you still care.
We might not be perfect but for once, I know, you're perfect for me. No matter how hard we've tried to stay away, we end up together, always. Between us, you're the hopeless romantic, remember? And how you believed in the 'signs of universe'? Isn't this one?

I know I'm, not the right or perfect woman you dreamt of, rather this bastard who's never known to live life and enjoy. A life full of dreams and good things. All I knew was a life full of demons and darkness. But then YOU happened to me. For a change, I felt HAPPY. I DID. You've taught me to fight my darkness and trust me, it feels much light, free and happy. But, shame, all I could give you was my negativity and darkness.

You pulled me to the right side and I pushed you on the wrong.
But like me,if you'll let me in, for one last time, I promise to fix this for once and all. I can't lose you again. Because now that I've found you, I wish to never part from you from this day on."

Mr. Apurva Srivastav

Dear future 

Dear Future me,

Hi I am the nineteen year old you and I hope you're still alive- if not, then I am sorry for not quitting those "bad" things. I don't know if you are ever going to read this or not but I just want you to know that I am , at least, trying to achieve that dream that didn't let us sleep for nights- I hope by the time this letter reaches you, it has already come true.

Before I begin writing anything, just tell me that I get married by twenty eight? If not, then there's something really wrong with you. I am just joking, you know that, don't you? I also hope that you have kept alive the great sarcasm and wit inside of you and if not, then why are you even alive?

Now let's just get to the point, shall we? Let's talk about our dream, our passion- the will to get published. I hope that our dream of becoming a writer comes true and it, still, is our top priority. If you're still not published then at least tell me you haven't given up just yet. Of course, if you are published then cheers!

Anyway, is The kite runner still our favorite book and more importantly, is Shahrukh Khan still alive? How many kids do you have and is the college gang still intact? I hope everything remains the same- but that's the thing with time, isn't it? Everything changes.

Don't let your heart break away if these things change because we know that time changes everything. I know that in the span of nineteen years my life has been pretty smooth and, god forbid, nothing bad has ever happened to me. But I know it won't be the case with you. You will see friends and family leave, maybe someone will break your heart or maybe you'll be the villain and break someone else's heart (please tell me that I'll look good when I am older). So, don't let these things affect you because time does something else too- it heals. Now, I am too young to tell you any of this but you know me- I like knowing everything.

What can I say more than to wish you to have a great life? I just hope whatever we do, wherever we are- we are happy. Follow my advice and be a great friend, be a great lover, be an even better writer and of course, be a good man. Many people have complimented us about our smile- keep that intact, as well.

So that would be all and I guess this pep-talk should work but even if it doesn't then remember- there are a lot of reasons to frown but not many to smile; just walk down the road and find the ones who once made you smile. Slap yourself if you've let them go (not hard) and find reasons to laugh again.

And yes, if you're happy like I am then go and continue sucking the marrow of life, like Robin Williams taught you to. Just be glad of your awfully flawless life and go write a story of how the nineteen year old you wrote a letter to you, in order to make you smile.

I'm sending this message with the time traveler and I hope it reaches you.

With love,
Nineteen year old you.

P.S. Is the technology advanced? I mean like they show in science fiction movies?

Mr. Ayush Tripathi 

Finding about Possible Life on Mars

All the space enthusiasts are waiting for one of the defining moments of the 21st century and perhaps the most exciting event in their lifetime a human mission to Mars, an initiative of project Mars One, which will motivate future generations too. Mars One consists of two firms, the not-for-profit Mars One Foundation and the for-profit company Mars One Ventures which wants to establish the first human settlement on Mars. It will help to answer many questions about Mars.

Mars, the second smallest planet in our solar system has always been a topic of discussion between scientists and space agencies to find a new habitat for humans after earth. Several types of research have been carried out about mars and many of them gave us results which changed the way we think about the planet. In fact, many countries have tried sending the mission to mars and have failed several times but many of them have also succeeded and reached mars. India is also amongst one of those countries, who have successfully entered the mass orbit. But it’s still a mystery, that is life even possible on the red planet and if yes, how many years will it take for a manned mission to reach mars. I am pretty sure it is really a hard nut to crack which needs collective efforts and co-operation from all the nations.

A successful businessman from Netherlands Mr. Bas Lansdorp (Mechanical engineer from University of Twente) studied about the planet and sold some of his company’s shares to start a new venture called the Mars One.

Mars One is basically an organization which is planning for the first manned mission to mars and establishing a colony there to study about the planet. Their prime goal is that ‘Human settlement on Mars is the next giant leap for humankind’. The existing technology is sufficient for turning this concept into reality. No new suppliers or any kind of advancement in any field is required for carrying out Mars One Mission. The mission has many stages and can be executed through the existing technology as announced.


Mars One aims at first human settlement on Mars. This procedure will use the technology developed by third party suppliers which are proven to be operable through various tests. Few of these expert services supplied by different nations are as follows:

Simulation Outpost

Simulation Outposts will be built by MarsOne on Mars, which will act as the main area for technology evaluation and try out. Space X Falcon Heavy is suggested for use and will undergo many tests before the final decision is announced. Many satellites, cargo, rovers are needed to travel through space and land on Mars for which scientists have thought of several rocket launches carrying the components.

Mars Transit Vehicle

Current calculation suggests that around 7 months are needed for humans to reach Mars through space. The Landing Module and Transit Habitat are the two main stages of the vehicle. Once the crew has reached Mars they are supposed to leave their living quarters behind and land on the surface using the Landing Module of the vehicle.Landing Module consists of many landing capsules designed to perform necessary functions as specified below:
1. It will generate breathable air, energy, and water.                                                        
2. It will carry many spare components along with food and other components.           
3. It will carry Human crew to Mars.
4. It will carry Rovers to the surface of Mars 

Two rovers are planned to descend on Mars before any human landing is planned. The first rover will evaluate all possible conditions and will choose the appropriate location for setting up an outpost which can also be a suitable location for transporting components. The second will transport all landing capsules on Mars.

Mars Suit 
A special suit has been designed which is officially termed as MARSSUIT which will protect the astronauts from extreme temperature and weather conditions on Mars. It also aims to protect from harmful radiations and aids the astronauts for breathing in such a thin atmosphere.

Communications System      

Earth will have a ground station which will transmit and receive messages between Earth and Mars. Two communication satellites are also designed for the same.


Mr. Saksham Kaul & Mr. Siddharth Kumar 

Wednesday 25 January 2017

Let’s Talk and Accept

Have you ever come across someone who looks amazing but doesn’t feel happy inside?. In today’s world, we focus a lot on physical health. Oh, my fitness routine shouldn’t get disturbed, my tresses shouldn’t look frizzy, god damn my skin should be glowing! And the world should appreciate every bit of it.

Now consider this, if you are not happy inside, the outside will never fall into place.

When it seems like everyone is living a picture-perfect life, admitting you're struggling feels like an utter failure. However, what we need to know is that achieving what the world appreciates is not going to give you happiness but it is the acceptance of what you are. As we experience life more, it is significant to understand the role of acceptance in our lives and how it can equip us with the best mental health.

Hence, what this world needs is not just a group hug but also the gift of communication. The more you express the more you will know about yourself and the easier it will be for you to accept who you are. The world will always judge you but it is you who can choose what to focus on. Think about the last time you really communicated with someone? Believe it or not, communication does have the magic of solving half of our problems. Here are a few examples:

  • Feeling negative – Communicate with someone you trust and spur it out. It will make you feel so much better!
  • Doubt your abilities – Talk to the ones who believes in you and you will feel rejuvenated.
  • Struggling – Just talk dear and it'll help you sort through your thoughts and clarify whatever is going on for you at the time. Once you've had to say it out loud, it gets easier to get hold of.
  • Find it hard to make a decision – well all you need to do is take opinions by way of communication and there you will have your decision!
  • Feeling happy – go ahead and share it. It will only get doubled..

In such a busy world, the importance of communication and acceptance has never been more meaningful.

As human beings, we are so bombarded by gossip, loud noise and messages about how we should be living our lives. It’s no wonder many of us become overwhelmed and get confused about what we really want to say to each other. So don’t be afraid of who you are and speak with authenticity, compassion, and mindfulness.

Ms. Shivani Mudgal